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1. Introduction

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the website (hereinafter, the website) owned by MISTER SPAIN LIMITED (hereinafter, MISTER SPAIN or the Owner).

2. Acceptance

The use of the website attributes the status of user and implies the acceptance of all the conditions and terms of use included in this Legal Notice.
Users are recommended to carefully read this Legal Notice periodically, since the conditions of use contained within the aforementioned Notice may be subject to change.
Some services accessible to users through the website may be subject to particular conditions that, where appropriate, will replace, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice and that must be accepted by the user before starting the provision of the corresponding service.
THE OWNER reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions and terms of use of this website. Any change in this regard will be published visibly on the website so that it can be known by the user before visiting the page.

Browsing, access and security

Accessing and browsing this website implies accepting and acknowledging the legal notices, as well as the conditions and terms of use contained therein. THE OWNER makes every effort to ensure that browsing is carried out in the best possible conditions and to avoid damage of any kind that may be caused during browsing.
This site has been designed to support Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.
The Owneris not be held liable for damage of any kind to the users caused by the use of other browsers or different versions of the browsers for which this website has been designed.

User’s Obligations

1. Obligation to make proper use of the website

The conditions of access and use of this website are subject to current legislation and the principles of good faith and lawful use by the party using it, and in general, any type of action to the detriment of THE OWNER, and contrary to this Legal Notice are strictly forbidden.
The users agree to abide by the rules of the service without incurring in activities that may be considered illicit or illegal, that infringe the rights of THE OWNER, or of third parties, or that may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the website or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the webpage by other users.

2. Request for content

The User must refrain from making requests for content offered through this website using means or procedures other than those that have been made available to them, other than those indicated on the website, or other than those commonly used on the Internet and provided that they do not entail a risk of disabling the website and its contents.

3. Prohibitions

The use of this website for illegal or unauthorised purposes is prohibited, which includes but is not limited to:
1) Any form of violation of third party rights (right to privacy, right to own images, intellectual property rights, etc.).
2) Using the contents of this website to generate any kind of advertising such as sending unsolicited emails (spam) or similar communication.
3) Introducing viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage or alter the contents or systems accessible through this website.

The information that appears on this website is accurate as of its latest update. THE OWNER reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained on this website.

Intellectual property

All the information contained in this webpage, as well as its graphic design and the code used, are protected by copyright or other protection rights contained in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12th April, by which the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Law is approved. These rights belong exclusively to THE OWNERor its licensors, therefore, any act of reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication is expressly excluded, as well as any type of transfer of all or part of the content of this site, and in general of any object that according to current legislation is protected by intellectual property regulations.
All web content and all content available through the Owner’s products and services including designs, text, graphics, images, video, information, applications, software, music, sound and other files, as well as their selection and arrangement (the “Content”) are the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors, with all rights reserved. No part of the website content may be modified, copied, distributed, framed, reproduced, republished, downloaded, extracted, displayed, published, transmitted or sold in any way or by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the Owner. Provided that the user is entitled to use the website, the Ownergrants a limited license to use and access the website and the website content and to legitimately download, and only for personal and non-commercial use, the content thereof, as long as all copyright and intellectual property warnings are kept intact. Web content may not be uploaded or republished on any Internet, Intranet or Extranet site, nor may the information be incorporated into databases or compilations. Any other use of the Content on the website is strictly prohibited.
The content of this page must not be used for public dissemination or commercial purposes, and must not be modified without the prior written consent of the Owner.


All brands, logos and anagrams displayed on this site are the property of THE HOLDER or third party companies. The use without prior consent of any element of this website that is subject to protection in accordance with current legislation on industrial property is expressly prohibited. In particular, trademarks, trade names, establishment signs, names, logos, slogans or any type of distinctive sign belonging to the Owner may not be used.

Privacy Policy

The Owner guarantees the confidentiality and security of the data provided by the Users. When personal data is required, the user shall incorporate them voluntarily, and shall be duly informed of the identity of the collector, the purposes of the collection, as well as the possibility and procedure to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO rights).
THE OWNER undertakes to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality regarding personal data collected in accordance with the applicable legislation.
If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact us by sending an email to


Any information related to the cookies used on this website, as well as the options for their modification or uninstallation are available through the Cookies Policy channel.
THE OWNER may use cookies while accessing this website. Cookies are automatic processes for collecting information on the specific user preferences while visiting a specific website. This information is recorded in small files that are imperceptibly stored on the corresponding user’s computer equipment. Each time the user accesses the web page in question, these files are automatically activated so that the page is configured with the preferences indicated in previous visits. In short, cookies are physical files of personal information housed in the user’s own terminal and unequivocally associated with this terminal. Cookies cannot read cookie files created by other providers or web sites.
The user has the possibility of configuring their browser program in such a way as to prevent the creation of cookie files or to warn of the moment when this occurs. The website is accessible without the need for the options referring to cookie files to be activated, although it may prevent the correct functioning of security mechanisms for exclusive services or certain services that require greater security. As a general rule, the purpose of the cookie files on the website is to facilitate user navigation.


Any Internet user who wishes to introduce links from their own websites to the OWNER’S shall comply with the terms and conditions listed below, without a lack of knowledge of these being grounds to avoid any legal liabilities:

1) The link may only lead to the home page or main page of the website, but may not reproduce it in any way (inline links, copy of text, graphics, etc.).
2) In any event, and in accordance with the applicable legislation in force at any time, it is prohibited to establish frames of any kind which implicate the website or enable the display of content via Internet addresses other than those of the website, and which, in any event, when viewed together with content from outside the Website (i) cause or may cause error, confusion or deception for Users concerning the true origin of the service or content, (ii) entail an act of comparison or unfair imitation, (iii) take advantage of the reputation of the brand and prestige of THE OWNER, or (iv) are in any other way prohibited by current legislation.
3) The site that inserts the link shall not make any false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about THE OWNER, its employees or the activities it carries out.
4) Under no circumstances shall the linked website state that THE OWNER has given their consent for the insertion of the link or that it otherwise sponsors, collaborates with, verifies or supervises the services of the linked website.
5) The use of any word, graphic or mixed trademark or any other mark of THE OWNER is prohibited within the sender’s website except in cases permitted by Law or expressly authorised by THE OWNER and provided that a direct link to the THE OWNER’S website is permitted in these cases in the manner established in this clause. EL TITULAR dentro de la página del remitente salvo en los casos permitidos por la Ley o expresamente autorizados por EL TITULAR y siempre que se permita en estos casos, un enlace directo con la página web de EL TITULAR en la forma establecida en esta cláusula.
6) The website that establishes the link must comply faithfully with the Law and may not under any circumstances provide or link to its own or third party content that: (i) is illegal, harmful or contrary to morals and good customs (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.) (ii) induces or may induce in the User the false conception that THE OWNER subscribes, endorses, adheres or in any way supports the ideas, manifestations or expressions, legal or illegal, of the sender (iii) is inappropriate or not relevant to the activity of THE OWNER regarding the place, content and theme of the sender’s website.
In any case, THE OWNER reserves the right to prohibit links to its website and to demand their removal when they do not meet the conditions required in this section.


The User is solely liable for any infractions that may be incurred or damages that may be caused to third parties by the improper and unlawful use of this website.
THE OWNER shall not be liable for possible damages or losses that may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operational functioning of electronic or computer systems, motivated by causes beyond the control of the company, from delays or blockages in the use of said systems caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines, overloads in the Internet system or in other electronic systems.
THE OWNER does not guarantee the veracity nor is it liable for the consequences that may arise from errors in the content provided by third parties that may appear on this website.
Similarly,THE OWNER shall not be liable for the content, products or services that can be viewed through electronic links, directly or indirectly, through the website, except in those cases provided for in the article 17 of Law 34/2002, of 12th July on E-Commerce and Information Society Services (ECISSA).
Links do not necessarily represent the existence of a relationship between THE OWNER and the individuals and entities that own the pages to which they give access or the recommendation, promotion or identification of THE OWNER with the statements, content or services provided through them. THE OWNER reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw the links that appear on its website at any time.
THE OWNER is unaware of the content and services of the linked sites and, therefore, is not liable for the damages caused by the unlawfulness, quality, outdated information, unavailability, error and uselessness of the content or any other damage that is not directly attributable thereto.

THE OWNER is exempt from liability for cookies that third parties may install on the hard drive of the user’s computer.


For all communications, please send an e-mail to or send a written communication to MISTER SPAIN LIMITED – 27 Old Gloucester Street, LONDON (WC1N 3AX).
The user expressly accepts the use of email as a valid procedure for sending communications.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The terms and conditions regulating this website and all relations that may arise therefrom are protected under Spanish law.
Any dispute that may arise from access to or use of this site shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the appropriate courts.