We have a tailored product
for your business!

This is the opportunity to offer an exquisite paella to your clients and serve it in just 6 minutes.
This is your chance to adapt to the new delivery and take away trend.
  • Thanks to our product, you won’t need qualified personnel.
  • You will stop having losses that make you lose money and you will have your costs controlled.
  • In addition, our convenient packaging allows you to easily store the paellas and avoid stock-outs.
  • Our traditional and innovative process guarantees maximum quality and a long shelf life for our paellas.

Our Paellas

Chicken and Mushroom

Why choose us?

  • Because we are pioneers in getting such a high quality pre-cooked product.
  • Because no company has achieved a premium quality fifth-grade rice.
  • Because for five years we have not stopped innovating, continuously improving the recipe and our portfolio.
  • Because we have a cold shelf life of 30 days and a frozen shelf life of up to 12 months. Only demand is consumed.
  • Because the success of our rice dishes in Valencia supports us.
  • Because we are convinced that it would complement your current offer by becoming a high-demand product.
  • Because it will allow you to market one of the most traditional and popular dishes of Spanish cuisine in just 6 minutes.


1 Before cooking, the product must be fully defrosted.

We recommend placing the bags in a container with hot water for 2 minutes.

Before pouring the product into the paella pan, add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and heat on a very low heat for 1 minute.

Next, open the bag with scissors, pour the contents into the pan and stir the product well until it loosens up.

Turn up the heat to maximum and immediately add the water. Distribute the contents of the product evenly throughout the paella pan. Wait for it to start to boil. Wait for it to start to boil.

Personalise your paella by adding your ingredients. Add salt to taste, if needed. Turn up the heat to maximum for 4 minutes.

When the 4 minutes have elapsed, lower the heat to medium for 2 minutes.

Turn off the heat and cover for 1 minute.

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